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ATV / UTV Tour

4 Wheeler ATV Rider
UTV Adult Passenger
UTV Child Passenger

Enjoy the great outdoors with our UTV and ATV tour!

About our UTV/ATV Combo Tour

There’s nothing quite like the great outdoors, so get out of your car, bus or cruise and come to Glacier View ATV tours. Glacier View is part of Matanuska-Sususitna country, one of the most magnificent and breathtaking areas of Alaska. Visit us and you will enjoy the wonderful hospitality and amenities Glacier View has to offer.

For Guests Riding an ATV

You will start your adventure with a brief safety orientation, then you will take an unforgettable three-hour tour through the trails of Glacier View. Don’t worry because our experienced certified guides will lead the way! You will find many opportunities to admire the amazing views and take pictures of Alaska’s unique nature and beauty. Our staff works hard to ensure that you are protected during your tour, so have peace of mind knowing that you are safe. This is a perfect way to enjoy the Alaskan wilderness and wildlife. Also, ask about our large group rates or our special package for companies. Book your tour now!

For Guests Riding a UTV

UTVs are for passengers of all ages who just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery from the comfort of the passenger sear.

You will ride along with one of our experienced guides. UTVs are also great for kids and seniors. Our staff works hard to ensure the best ride possible whether you choose an ATV or an UTV.

What is a UTV?

UTV stands for utility vehicle and can hold multiple passengers on a tour. UTV’s are larger than ATV’s allowing front seat and back seat passengers to enjoy the views. If you do not want to operate your own ATV on the tour then riding in one of our UTV’s with a guide will be a blast for you!

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Milepost 99, Glenn Highway ​

Glacier View, Alaska USA

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